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What do men want in sex? If you are wondering the answer to the question and want to try new fantasies, you can follow the steps below.

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phone sex,

fancy underwear,

be straight,

Make it clear that you have no limits,


Surprise your partner

Talk to,

Take care of their testicles too,

Do not hurry,

Let your partner dominate

Know the areas he enjoys,

Mix some positions,

Don't say no

By following these steps, you can ensure that your partner gets extraordinary pleasure. Phone Sexy

If you have a mundane sex life, leave real positions and sex and try escort service . You can call your partner out of the blue and encourage them with your sexiest tone and make them enjoy extraordinary pleasure. You can make him dream by telling him what you will do and what you want. Maybe you can get your man to masturbate by imagining you on the phone. The benefits of masturbation can make a man happy. Fancy Underwear

Wearing suspenders or any fancy underwear is sexier than a bare body. If you always greet your partner with the same underwear or a bare body, you can make a change and make your partner enjoy more by wearing fancy underwear. Be Smooth

Although some men prefer some areas to be unshaven, if you are going to have sex with your partner for the first time, make sure that every part of your body is shaved. While some men don't mind, some people hate unshaven skin. Make Sure You Have No Limits

Do not be afraid to put aside the positions and fantasies you always do and try new positions. Although classical positions give definite results in terms of pleasure, trying different fantasies from time to time will make your partner enjoy more. If you don't have the courage to try new fantasies or if you are embarrassed, you can make your partner take a step by showing that you have no boundaries. Encourage

You need to encourage your partner to prepare for sex or to reach the peak of pleasure during sex. For example, you might look into your partner's eyes or dance in front of him during sex. The sex positions you will do by looking into your partner's eyes give you more pleasure than normal. Surprise Your Partner

It will surprise and excite your partner when you greet him with your sexiest clothes on his return from work. At the same time, you can surprise your partner by taking a shower and preparing specially for him when he least expects it. Talk to

Being silent during sex and just enjoying the moment will reduce the pleasure you will get. You can tell him what you want or use sentences to encourage him while practicing the sex positions. At the same time, if your partner likes a harder sex, you can give him more pleasure by allowing the sentences he wants to say. Take Care of Their Testicles, Too

Men not only enjoy their penis but also their testicles. So if you play not only with his penis but also with his testicles, you can make him enjoy it more. Not forgetting your partner's testicles while having oral sex will take him to the heights of pleasure. If you do not prefer oral sex, stroking his testicles while playing with his penis will be enough to bring your partner to the peak of pleasure. Do not hurry

Although most men prefer pleasure and results-oriented sex, some prefer emotionally intense just like women. If you know your partner, being slow during sex will allow him to enjoy more. At the same time, your partner will like it more if you are slow instead of being fast, not only in sex positions, but also at the beginning of oral sex. Know Her Enjoyment Areas

man's expectation from sex

Every woman's and every man's pleasure is different. Some even enjoy their hands or fingers, while others take pleasure directly from their genitals. In this regard, all you need to do is to know your partner and know what areas he or she enjoys. After learning, increasing your interest in these areas during sex will please him and let him know that you care about the pleasure he receives. Let Your Partner Dominate

Although sex is generally done with mutual pleasure, some men prefer to dominate in sex. If your partner does not enjoy a normal sex, you can act according to his pleasures. Leaving yourself to him and making him feel that you belong will give him more pleasure. Mix Some Positions

For some men, one position during sex is not enough. You can taste different feelings and pleasures by combining some of the classic positions. For example, you can give your partner more pleasure if you use not only your tongue but also your hand while giving oral sex to your partner. Don't Say No

Do not directly approach interesting fantasies or positions that your partner wants in a negative way. Saying no to every position or fantasy, except for the classic ones, will demoralize your partner and reduce his pleasure. Therefore, it will be better to be open to innovations and to approach the wishes and pleasures of the person in front of you positively. New positions and new fantasies will mutually increase your enjoyment. Sex Positions That Men Love

As in every subject, the sex positions that men and women like are different. Here are some sex positions that men love: Read more...

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